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Year 2 Homework

Set on:  5th April  2019                                           10th April 2019


Done  √

Read at least 3x a week.  Parents please write in your child’s reading diary.  From now until the end of May we will be doing raffle tickets for reading again.  


Spelling – list is at the front of books.  No sentences this week.  


Maths- worksheet to revise work we have already done in Year 2.  If it is tricky you could try:

1.  Draw tens and ones to solve problems.

2. Count on or back from biggest number.

3.  Draw a number line if it helps you.

4.  Don't draw pictures if you are able to solve mentally.  

Please let me know if there is anything that your child is finding really difficult so that I can do some extra work with them in class.  Thank you.




Homework expectations for Kington Primary School

Year 2 Common Exception words