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13th July

Hello Year 4,

I can't believe that we are coming to the end of the summer term, can you? It has been an absolute pleasure to be your teacher in Y3 and Y4, you have made me very proud with your progress, attitude towards learning and just by being the fantastic individuals that you are.

For this week we are going to be exploring a new Kat Pennington (did anyone spot that I made a mistake last week on the SPAG info and accidentally called her Nat!) text based again on goblins, explore angles and 2d shapes in maths and in science think about climate change. Our topic comes to an end with a famous battle which takes place in the year 1066, have any of you heard of it before I wonder?

Don't forget all of the other activities available on the website including music, art and yoga. The art this week is actually part of our topic work and I think that you will find it very interesting.

Over the summer there will be challenges for you to work on and the activities from this half term will still be accessible.

Take care everyone,

Mrs Welson smiley


Here are this week's resources for my group and Mrs Hilldrup's. Keep working on the Y3 home learning if you are in Mr Perkins' group or accessing the other resources which we have suggested for other groups.


This week we are going to be looking at group of words which you will also be working on in your English sessions. The words have the same 'suffix' and so we will work in our SPAG books on the topic of suffixes. These are useful devices to help with learning key spellings.


This week we are going to begin working on a new text, again written for us by Nat Pennington and this time focused on goblin characters! Our writing this week will be non-fiction but will still need your amazing imaginations and creativity.


This week we are going to revisit and extend a topic which we worked on in Y3. We are going to be working with 2d shapes and angles. This part of maths is called geometry and there is important vocabulary linked to it. I wonder how much of this topic you will remember?


This week we are going to work on the theme of climate change, I know that this is something which you will be aware of and have probably had discussions at home about. This session will be a good one to share at home and the 2 activities to work on will really make you think and probably have more questions about so remember to share those questions at home.


This week we are going to be coming to the end of our Vikings topic but need to finish with one more session which is also linked to the Anglo Saxons and a particularly famous battle. The Anglo Saxon Kings did not only have the Vikings to worry about and this session you will learn  who this included and what happened in 1066!