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15th June


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Hello Year 4.

Welcome to our week of learning starting on 15th June. I hope that you are all enjoying our lessons and it has been so exciting for me to see photos of your learning and I know how many of you are enjoying seeing how your friends are also learning. If you have photos of recent learning don't forget that they can be sent to me through the email.

One change that I have made this week is that on the maths PPT I have added short recordings which I hope will help you as you work through the questions. Let me know what you think!

This week we are going to be working again on the spy story which we started last week, punctuating speech in SPAG, money in maths, more about the Vikings in topic and another 'states of matter' session in science. Don't forget that there is always a new artist to learn about each week, our French songs to practise, Mr Grove's website links to pieces of music and yoga programmes to try. You can also be working on TTR and our coding program both of which you took home your log-ins for.

Have a super week everyone,

Take care, Mrs Welson  smiley


Below you will find activities to help both my phonics group and Mrs Hilldrup's group. Remember if you are Mr Perkins' group then you need to access your spellings through the Y3 home learning resources.


This week we are going to focus on speech and thinking about how we can punctuate it correctly in our own writing. I wonder if when you next read a story book if you can spot speech which has been punctuated? What are the clues that it is speech? As an extra challenge, I wonder how many different ways you can think of for saying the word 'said'?


We are getting closer to planning our own spy story but before we do this we need to make sure that we have a good understanding of important features and creative ideas which will be great to include in your own work.


This week we are going to focus on the theme of money. I wonder how much you can remember from the last time we worked on this? We have, in 4W, spent time talking about spending and budgeting but now we need to think about money and the way in which pounds and pence are organised. This week we will be working on pounds, pence, addition and problem solving. 


This week we are going to make a start on our new topic based on 'living things and their habitats'. I know how much you have enjoyed our states of matter investigations and learning and I hope that you will find this new topic just as exciting. Our first session is based on grouping living things.

Our next Viking session

This week we are going to explore how one of the Anglo-Saxon Kings tried his best to keep the Viking invaders away but also to understand why he wanted to do this. Why was he so intimidated by the Vikings?