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18th May


I know that many of you have really enjoyed the alien text by Maria Richards and we will return to it but because the coming week would have been Hay Festival this is going to be our theme. You will be learning in particular about a well know author whose stories you might actually know through films.  Work your way through each session about this author and her writing and record your ideas in your English book. I hope that you enjoy exploring this writer and her work.


This week there are resources here for both my phonics group and Mrs Hilldrup's group. If you are in Mr Perkins' group you should click on his class home learning page and find this week's activities.

SPAG - apostrophes

This week we are going to continue working on apostrophes and exploring different ways which they can be used. There is extra information on the overview and a clip which will help you.


This week we are continuing with our familiar topic, multiplication. Our focus this week is on X 100 and using last week's work to help us to solve problems. You should work though the PPT and try the activity sheet and true/false activity. For all of your work you should write your answers and ideas in your maths book. Don't forget that you can always practice your times tables on TTR but also focus on times tables which you are not as confident with on 'hit the button' and start to work on the division facts as well as multiplication.


This week I have linked our work to the Hay Festival and in particular the work of Konnie Huq have a look at her work and see if you can try a couple of her investigation ideas. If you can't try one of her ideas revisit one of our previous week's of science learning or try out the links at the bottom of the home learning page.

Topic - hieroglyphics

This week we are going to work on the theme of hieroglyphics and explore how the Ancient Egyptians communicated in this way. I hope that you enjoy exploring this information.