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1st June


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New week of learning 1st June

Welcome to our new week of learning Year 4. I hope that you have had a good week and been able to enjoy the beautiful weather either in your gardens or out on a walk. This week I have planned the next part of our alien text work, number work linked to division, science work looking at the idea of evaporation and the start of new main topic! Of course there are still the art, music and yoga links to explore which I know many of you are enjoying.

Take care everyone and have a great week,

Mrs Welson smiley

In English this week we are returning to our text by Maria Richards which several of you have told me that you have been enjoying  and have been interested to explore the different ideas and descriptions that she uses. This week we are going to focus on newspaper reports and I know how much you have enjoyed exploring reports before so I can't wait to hear how you get on.


This week there are resources here for both my phonics group and Mrs Hilldrup's group. If you are in Mr Perkins' group you should click on his class home learning page and find this week's activities.


This week we are going to continue working on apostrophes and checking the different ways which they can be used. If you feel that you need to revisit the clips from previous weeks before completing the workbook activity.


This week in maths we are exploring the number operation division and seeing if we can link it to our previous weeks where we have worked with X 10 and X 100. As always take your time through the sessions, work at your own pace and check with someone at home if you are unsure about a new idea or a particular question. 


For this week's session we are going to return to our theme of states of matter and in particular water. We are going to explore the idea of evaporation. If you look through the activity which we would have worked on together and it is not appropriate for you to do at home or you want to tweak it then that is fine. Evaporation in this lovely sunny weather will be quite easy to explore so talk to someone at home and see what is best for you to do.


I know how much you have all loved learning about the Ancient Egyptians but it is now time for us to explore another period of history. We are going to start our work this week on the idea of 'invaders and settlers' and in particular the Vikings! The Cressida Cowell text which you have explored will help you to understand the group of people that we are now going to learn about. I hope that you enjoy this period of history as much as the Egyptians, I think that they are also a very interesting group to learn about.