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22nd June


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Hello Year 4 and welcome to our new week of learning. This week we are going to be thinking about how to plan and write our own adventure story with a spy theme. I am really looking forward to reading your versions! In maths we are changing our focus to time, we have worked on this in Y4 and I remember that last time we worked on this you all really enjoyed exploring the decimal clocks and could recall important time facts. I hope that you enjoy this week's work and can feel even more confident about this topic. For science we are going to be learning more about groups of animals and have some interesting new vocabulary to explore. Our Vikings work this week is focused on everyday life and there are some great clips to explore, I am sure that you will enjoy these.

I am so proud of how hard you are working and know how much effort you are putting into your work.

Have a good week everyone and take care.

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As always below are the links to my phonics group and Mrs Hilldrup's. Remember if you are in another group you will either have a specific program to work through like Engaging Eyes or should be looking at the Year 3 home learning page.


This week we are going to focus on another feature which would help when you write your own spy story this week.   We are going to practise the use of conjunctions in sentences which can make your writing even more interesting to read and flow better. Visit the resources below to see how you can best practise using these before including them in your work.


Last week we worked so hard to practise using key features which will help to make our own writing even better and so this week it is time for you to plan your own spy story! We will spend a couple of sessions thinking about exactly what it is that we should be including in our writing, planning the story which you want to write and then having time to write your own version. I would love to read your stories once they are completed so if you can see if someone can send me a copy/photo or if you type out your story email it through.


This week in maths we are going to look at how we measure time. This is a topic which is quite challenging for some of us so this week it is very important that is you are finding it tricky you talk to someone at home. Please remember that we all learn at different paces and if you are someone who finds it hard to move on with the sessions then you can use the extra activities to help you practise more.


I know how well some of you did last week with grouping the living things and this week we are going to keep going with this new topic. This week we are going to focus on a group of living things called 'vertebrates'. I wonder if you have ever heard of this word? Do you know what might be the same about these living things?

Topic work

This week we are going to focus on Viking life in particular the artefacts which have given us clues about life at this time. You might already have some idea about the type of jewellery, furniture, home or everyday items they might have had but I hope that this week you will be able to expand further what you know.