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27th April


This week I have found a story linked to our Egyptian topic to work on. The story will last for this week and carry on into next week. This story is on a presentation and has activities ready for each session and so I have not added another comprehension this week as part of this story is about how well you are understanding the story.

I hope that you enjoy the story and the different text genre which you are exploring.


Please keep working through your list of phonics which you took home in your learning packs.

For my phonics group here are your sentences to help you practice your spellings this week.


This week we are going to keep with our focus on commas by working through pages 44 and 45. Just like last week there is a clip to help you with this.


This week we are going to change our focus onto perimeter. I wonder how much you can remember about this topic from Year 3?

For this week you will need your ruler which you took home in your learning pack.

The website links below match with the session presentations and should be used in particular lessons.


I am pleased that so many of you have enjoyed the solid, liquid and gas activity from last week. For this session we will be focusing on gases. The session is based on the one which we would have been exploring in school and this may be tricky to organise at home so please use the clips to help you with your work.

The Ancient Egyptians

This week we have 2 main focuses. The first focus is on the Pharoahs of Ancient Egypt with a particular look at Tutankhamun. Our second focus is linked to Tutankhamun by looking at the after-life and what the Ancient Egyptians believed about this.