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4th May

Welcome to our new week Y4!  Have a look through this week's activities but please do share the science with an adult due to the activity which I have planned.

I hope that you enjoy the different tasks and find the VE day projects interesting. Please have a look at our new French and yoga resources and Mrs Hilldrup's phonics group you now have your own area of the home learning page!

Take care and have a good week, Mrs Welson 


This week we are going to be continuing our work on the story 'Jimmy and the Pharoah' which I know some of you have really been enjoying exploring. We will keep thinking about what the key features of a play-script are and you will have the chance to write your own ending to this story so get ready to use your wonderful imaginations!

I have also added another reading comprehension as I know some of you really enjoy working on these.


You should be continuing to work through the lists of words which your phonics teacher gave you in your learning pack. Do not forget that if you would like to practice some of your earlier phonics then you can also access Phonics Play however, remember that these only go up to Phase 6 and are not linked to the spelling lists.


This week in your workbook I would like you to work through pages 46 and 47. I have included 2 clips below which will help you to remember what we mean by adverbials.


This week we are going to develop our work on perimeter to now be start learning about area. Work through the sessions and use the clips to help you practice with this brand new topic


This week in science we are thinking about how we can change the description which we give to a material so in fact we can change the state of matter. Either try the experiment or watch the clip to help you and I think that you will find this session really interesting to work through.

Topic work

This week instead of exploring more about our Ancient Egyptians topic I thought that you be interested to learn more about VE day. This is a day which took place 75 years ago and marked the end of WWII in Europe. As you can imagine this was a huge day for celebrations 75 years ago and this year to remember this significant day, but also to think about all of the people who were involved in WWII, this Friday had been made a special day by the Government called a bank holiday. Obviously because of how we are all having to work and live at the moment this will not be able to be the type of day which was planned, so I hope that the resources and ideas that I have included help you to understand why this day had been made a special one and some activities that you might want to explore linked to it.