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5) Design symbol / recycling poster

Two ideas for this session.  You might like to just pick one, or some of you may want to try both.


Firstly, you are probably familiar with the recycling symbol of three arrows.  You might have seen it in black or often in green too.  Your task is to rething the design / colour scheme.  There are some ideas in the picture below.  The template is in the PDF at the top of the page.

Secondly,  I would like to make a poster about the topic this week.  It might be one that you display in your home to remind each other to recycle , turn off electrics that are not being used etc.   Or it might be one that you would like to have in school.  Either way think about the colours you will use to catch people's attention.  You might use your newly designed symbol from the first task above.  The PDF template can be found at the top of the page.