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6th July


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Hello Year 4,

I hope that you have all been enjoying our lessons and activities. It has been fantastic to see some of your stories and other work, take a look in the gallery if you have not and be amazed at your friends' work! 

Don't forget that on the English and maths PPTs I am now adding some extra instructions and advice through voice recordings and I hope that these help you with your work.

This coming week we are going to keep working on the 'Impossibly possible bookshop' in our English sessions, continue with fractions in maths, extend our science work to now focus on habitat classification and in topic learning about Viking longships. What a busy week again! Of course as well as these activities there are also phonics and SPAG to work on plus music, art, French or yoga if you choose to.

I know how much effort you are all putting in and it makes me very proud to hear that when working at home you are putting in the same determination and focus as when we are together in school.

Have a fabulous week everyone,

Mrs Welson smiley


As usual here you will find the resources ready for my phonics group and Mrs Hilldrup's. If you are Mr Perkins' group look via the Y3 home learning.


This week we are going to focus on prepositions and think about how they provide extra information in our sentences.


I know how many of you are enjoying our new text by Kat Pennington and are finding the new characters really interesting. This week we are going to continue exploring this text and developing our own vocabulary and sentences. Remember that you can always email me a picture of your work at home if you would like some feedback or just to share it with me.


I have been so impressed to hear how you well you have been doing with your fractions work especially the addition and subtraction work. This week we are going to return to thinking about fractions of quantities which links to the division work which we have explored this term. As always remember that if something is not clear then talk to someone at home about it and if needed revisit last week's work to help you.


We are going to continue with our living things focus and this week consider the habitats which different creatures live in and why their habitat is suited to them. This week the activities are based both on habitats and classification, see how you get on.


I know how exciting many of you are finding our work on the Vikings and I am sure that you will love exploring their longships this week. You are going to learn exactly why the longships were designed as they were but also have chance to design your own Viking ship!