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8th June


Still image for this video

Hello Year 4 and welcome to our new week of learning.

This week we are going to make a start on our next focus text, it is another one prepared by Maria Richards and Pie Corbett especially for Y4s! This story has a spy theme and I think that you will really enjoy it.

In maths we are keeping going with division and this week using our work on x 100 ti help us. However, if you are someone who needs a little more work on X 10, X 100 or dividing by 10 then go back and revisit the previous sessions.

In science we will be focusing on the water cycle and making our own paper cycle to help us remember the main stages.

Our topic work this week is based on the Anglo-Saxons as we need to understand more about their Kings to be able to understand why and how the Vikings invaded.

There is a new artist in the art space and this week it is an artist whose work I personally enjoy I wonder if you will?

Take care everyone,

Mrs Welson smiley


Please remember that if you are in Mr Perkins' phonics group you need to access the learning through the Y3 home learning page, for my group and Mrs Hilldrup's the resources are here for you 


This week in SPAG we are going to move our focus from apostrophes to a new one based on thinking about how we develop our writing to know think about paragraphs. When we write paragraphs it is important to keep thinking about how we are writing our sentences and whether they are being correctly punctuated. I hope that you are remembering to use capital letters and full stops because I often have to remind you about these when we are in school!

This week work through pages 64 and 65.


Here is our new story and sessions with activities included. Don't forget to keep reading everyday as well.


This week you will have time to practise dividing with 100, if you can think back to the work we did on X 100 then this should help you to feel more confident. Keep talking to someone at home if you are unsure about any of this work.


This week we are going to focus on the water cycle. If you have had chance to complete some of our previous sessions then some of the vocabulary used in this session will be familiar to you.

The Anglo Saxon Kings

This week we need to understand more about who was ruling in what is now the UK when the Vikings invaded and how it happened. I think that you will enjoy the activity but I do not know which King you will choose!