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Activities 6th January

6th January 2021

Hello 4W! The whole Y4 team are really sorry that we cannot see you all and wish you Happy New Year but we are going to do our best to support you all through the next few weeks.

For this first few days I would like you to try and work on these activities, remember if you are proud of any work which you complete you can always email me a picture or scan in the work and email it through, just use the y4 teacher email.



Today please can you make sure that you read for 15 minutes, this could be just your book band book or might be your book band book and another that you have at home. You should tell someone at home what you are enjoying about your book and give specific reasons why.


In our French in the next few weeks we are going to start thinking about the weather and so I would like you to make a start on a weather diary. If you have a notepad or some paper at home you should use your ruler from the last lockdown to create a simple table by dividing your page into 3 columns. Each column will need a title which are - day and time, weather description, weather image. You should try to record information about the weather at least twice each day for a week using a full sentence to describe the weather and your own illustration for the image.

Hopefully throughout the week we will observe different weather types and get the chance to use some impressive adjectives!


For your maths today I would like you to focus on the X4 table. Please write out the whole table and then ask someone at home to check it. You should then create your own poster showing the X4 table with any advice or hints about how you remember the pattern.


Art - if you would like to you can watch this programme all about a specific artist and then try to create your own portrait in their style. I would love to see any self or portraits of someone at home which you manage to create.

7th January 2021

Hello Year 4, I hope that you enjoyed seeing that little bit of snow yesterday! I wonder how you described it on your weather diary?

Today I would like you to read for at least 15 minutes (like yesterday this can be your book-band book & a book from home). Today I would like you to record at least 8 words which you have read which you find the most interesting. I wonder which will be the longest word which you can find?


Weather diary = you should complete day 2 on your diary.


English = I would like you to think today about non-fiction writing and especially recipes. Perhaps you have a favourite type of food/dish which you could find the recipe for? Recipes are in cookery books but you can also find them online, if you use Kiddle you should be able to find one which appeals to you. I would like you to copy the recipe or put it into your own words and decorate your page to show what you like about the dish. This will be a good opportunity for you to read a non-fiction text, practise your handwriting and presentation skills and perhaps to even try and create the dish!


Maths = If you can go onto 'hit the button' and work on X4. Today I would like you to either play X4 bingo or bump game at home with someone. I wonder how quickly you can recall the multiples?


DT = today I would like you to try and design your own board game which you can then play with someone at home. You can choose whichever theme you want and introduce different rules as you want. You will of course need to record the rules somewhere so that everyone is clear about how to play.



Friday 8th January 2021

It was so lovely to see some of you yesterday or to catch up with your parents, I know that most people now have their packs and are ready for Monday. I am going to be busy practising on Google Classroom/Meet so that it goes as smoothly as I can make it!

For your home learning today I would like you to carry on with your weather diary, we have already had quite a number of different weathers this week so this was a good time to do our diary.


English = I know that this year has not started as we would have liked but it is traditional in January to think about ideas we would like to work on throughout the year and these are called New Year's resolutions. I have included links to 2 activity sheets which you could print out and use or you could just write (in your new book) your ideas. Normally people try and think of about 3 resolutions, they are a target for the year but it should be something which you know you could benefit from focusing on. Tidying bedrooms and remembering to do a particular job at home e.g. cleaning out a pet's cage are always popular ones in Y4!


Maths = I heard yesterday how hard some of you are working on your X4 and remember that our songs are all saved on the maths part of the class page. Today I would like you to try and work out these problems as quickly and accurately as you can (perhaps in your new book) and then someone at home can mark them. If you would like another activity I have added a link to a worksheet but you do not need to print this out you could just work in your book.


Topic = Today it would be great to think back to our Stone Age work and to design your own Stone Age cave. I wonder what features you will include, will they have some of the things we looked at in Skara Brae? Will your cave be more like Stig's? You should draw your design putting as much detail as you can. As an extra challenge you could try to make a model of your cave using recycled materials which you might have at home.


I look forward to seeing you on Monday at 10 o'clock. Have a good weekend everyone.