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Here are two ideas for your final art lesson.  You may choose one of them and try the other one over the holidays.  For the first one, you'll need to collect stones, petals, flowers, leaves and sticks.  If you are picking flowers, make sure that you have permission to do this.  Once you have collected your resources, have a go at making your initial, initials or name.  I can't wait to see how these turn out.  Send pictures to 



For the second idea, you'll need to find some Y shaped sticks.  Perhaps you can find them in your garden or on your walk today.  You'll also need wool or coloured thread, or you could use scraps of fabric cut into strips.  If you find a smaller stick too, you can ask your adult to attached it to the larger stick to make arms.  Can you make a stick person?  If you have some googly eyes you could add these too, or paint on eyes with acrylic paint.  

Send your stick people pictures to me using the above email address.  I'm looking forward to seeing which activity you choose.