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This week we are going to be learning about conjunctions and doing lots of sentence work.  

1.  Watch the BBC Bitesize lesson first.  Don't worry that it says Key Stage 2.  I did have a look and the Key Stage 1 version is the same, except they introduce more conjunctions in one lesson.  I only want the children to focus on  and but so and or.  These are called co-ordinating conjunctions.


2.  Complete the Monday worksheets that you have in your pack - Co-ordinating Conjunctions and Missing clauses.  The documents are attached below if you don't have the photocopies.   If you are using these documents you will notice they have stars at the top. ( one, two or three). This is an indication of the level - one is easier and three is harder. The answers are on the last page if you want to mark any work.