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This week you will be learning to read and write poems.  Today you are learn about riddles.  Read the riddles here or open the PowerPoint.


One type of poem is a riddle. A riddle gives us clues to guess an answer.

Some riddles use words that rhyme.

A rhyme is when words sound the same, like ‘cat’ and ‘mat’.


TaskRead these rhyming riddles and see if you can guess which animal it is                   describing.

ChallengeCan you write down the rhyming words in each riddle?


1. Who am I?

I have a very loud roar.

If you count my legs, I have four.

I do not sing.

In the jungle I am the king.


2. Who am I?

You will find me in the North Pole,
where it’s very cold.

I can live to be more than 30 years old.

My coat is furry and white.

Be careful because I bite!


3. Who am I?

I can run faster than you.

The lions and tigers are my cousins in the zoo.

I would beat the other big cats in a race.

I have spots on my coat from my tail to my face.


4. Who am I?

Of all the apes, I am the biggest and the best.

When I am angry, I beat my chest.

I have hands and feet like you.

We live in families like humans too!



5. Who am I?

My legs are very thin but very strong.

My neck is very, very long.

I eat leaves instead of meat.

I have hooves on the bottom of my feet.


6. Who am I?

I have no arms or legs.

My babies hatch from eggs.

I slither on the ground so quietly.

Sometimes you might find me curled up in a tree.


7. Who am I?

You won’t find me in every zoo.

I love to eat sticks of bamboo.

My fluffy coat is black and white.

I love to sleep in the day or at night!





Answers: 1.   Lion           - roar and four          sing and king

                2.  Polar Bear - cold and old            white and bite

                3. Cheetah   -   you and  zoo            race  and   face

                4.Gorilla  -        best  chest              you  and too

                5. Giraffe  -     strong and long       meat and feet

                6. Snake  -        legs and eggs          

                7. Panda   -        zoo and bamboo     white and night