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Thursday 7th May 2020

Today you can choose a writing activity. You can either write your own story based on 'The Elves and the Shoemaker'  or instructions.

  1.  Plan and write your own story using your imagination.

Can you make up your own story about some elves that help people?

Make changes to the story.  You could change the characters, the setting and/or the ending. 

Decide who your characters are.

Who needs help?

Where does your story take place?

Draw a plan of your story if it helps.  


Word to help with your writing today

2.   Write some instructions – How to catch an Elf

Try and write a little introduction, then a ‘You will need’ list and then use numbers or ‘time words’ to show the order to do things in.  Try to remember how we wrote instructions for making sandwiches when we were in school.  If you open the word document there is an example of year 2 writing instructions to show you how your work should look.  You don’t have to join up your writing. There is also a writing frame to help you if you need it.