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Hello Year 2s,

Last week we read a fiction book about a princess, a dragon and a prince.  This week we are going to read a non-fiction book called 'How to be a Knight in ten easy steps'.  Here is the link to open the book.


Today I would like you look at the cover and the contents page so that you know what the book is about.  Then listen to Stage 1 and Stage 2. 


When you have finished listening to it, turn the sound off and try and read Stage 1 and 2 by yourself.  While you are reading, can you work out what these words mean? Write down your ideas and then talk to a grown-up to check that you understand them.  You might find some of the words in the glossary at the back of the book.

manor              pages                   squire                          master              obey                boast                  humble                         plunder

combat            quintain


If you have time and you want to read the whole book you can.  Each day this week we will be reading a little bit more and doing a reading or writing activity linked to the book.