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This week we are reading a non-fiction book called 'How to be a Knight in ten easy steps'. 

Today we are going to read Stage 3 and 4.  Listen to it first with the sound on and then have a go at reading it by yourself with the sound turned off.  Here is the link to open the book.


Now I would like you to complete this comprehension work.  Remember to look at the text to find the answers.  I have attached a word document with the questions as well.


1.  What did a knight have to protect himself?

2.  What is a greave?

3.  Why did a knight always put his helmet on last?

4.  What is a visor and why did a knight wear one?

5.  What was a lance used for?

6.  Find a word that means the same as 'many'.

7.  Find 5 words ending in 'ed'.  Are they adjectives, nouns or verbs.

8.  Can you remember any rules for adding 'ed' onto root words?