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Hello again,

We are learning to use non-fiction books to find information.  Today we are going to use the index.  Can you remember where to find the index?  Can you remember how the index is organised so it is quick and easy to find the word you are looking for?

Here is the link to 'Extreme Animals'

Read the first question and work out the key word in the question.  Now go to the index and find the word you need and remember the page number.  Turn to that page in the book and find the answer to the question. ( Word document below with questions)


 1.  Write down three facts about Himalayan jumping spiders.


2.  How do Australian spadefoot toads survive?


3.  What is special about a Dumbo octopus?


4.  Where do red bark flat beetles live?


5.  Name three different animals that live in deserts.  You will have to look on a few different pages in the book the find the answer.