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Hello Year 2s,

This week we are going to read another non-fiction book called 'Extreme Animals'.  It links to our science topic on habitats that we did earlier this year and our geography topic on continents and oceans.

Today we are not going to read the book in order from beginning to end.  We are going to find out the meaning of words by using the glossary.  Can you remember where to find the glossary?

Here is the link to open the book.  Use the magnifying glass to make the pages bigger so it is easier to read.

And here are your questions.  You can also find the questions on the word document below as I know some of you are able to print work at home.

Question 1

Read page 6 and 7.  Find the word predator.  Go to the glossary and find out what the word means.  Write it down.

Question 2

Read page 24 and 25.  Find the word camouflage.  Go to the glossary and find out what the word means. Write it down.

Question 3

Read page 22 and 23.  Find the words hydrothermal vents and bacteria.  Go to the glossary and find out what the words mean. Write it down.

Question 4

Read page 16 and 17.  Find the words migrate and soar.  Go to the glossary and find out what the words mean. Write it down.