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This week is dinosaur week! We have been learning how to read and use non-fiction books.  Today I would like you to read 'Dinosaur Times'  Please click on this link to open the book.

When you have finished reading I would like you to find the answers to these questions.  You should be able to read the questions and find the answers without too much help.  If you want to print out the question you will find them on the documents below.


Dinosaur Times


1.  Which dinosaur had plates along its back?

2.  Where were the nostrils on the Diplodocus?

3.  What is a Brachiosaurus known as?

4.   How many legs did Tyrannosaurus rex walk on?

5.   What are the different reasons why people think the dinosaurs became extinct?

6.  How long did dinosaurs roam the Earth?  (page 6)

7.   What does ‘dinosaur’ mean? (page 6)

8. What happened at the end of the Triassic period? (page 7)

9.  Which was one of the longest dinosaurs? (page 9)

10. Why do you think the dinosaurs could not live during the Ice Age? (page 12)