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Hello everyone,


This week is all about pirates! Remember to look in the project section for more ideas and activities about pirates this week. 


Today we are going to start our English work by reading 'How to be a pirate'.  It is similar to ' How to be a Knight' which we read a few weeks ago.  I wonder if you will notice the things that are the same?

Here is the link to open the book.

I would like you to read Step 1- 4 today.  When you have finished reading it, I would like you to complete these questions. The questions are also on the document below.


  1.  Name the pirate that had a terrible temper.  (page 2)
  2. What type of pirate was John Avery?  ( page 3)
  3. Why did pirates wear baggy clothes and no shoes? ( page 5)
  4.   What did pirates wear on their heads? (page 5)
  5. Why did some sailors want to be pirates? (page 6)
  6.  Why did pirates like to sail a cutter? (page 7)
  7. Look on pages 8-9.  What part of the ship would you like to work in?  Why?
  8. Use the glossary to find out what these words mean.






In non-fiction book you often find labelled diagrams used to explain how things work or how things look.  On page 8-9 there is a diagram of a pirate ship. Can you do your own diagram of a pirate ship.  If you are doing your own drawing remember to use a ruler to draw the lines for your labels.  Here is a picture with labels to help you.