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Hello Year 2s,

Yesterday you learnt about similes, so today we are going to try and use similes when we write a poem.

Read this simile poem.  It is about a character from the Quangle Wangle's Hat.


This poem has lots of similes in it.  It takes each part of the The Pobble's appearance ( head, hair, eyes, body and the way he walks) and compares it to something else.  Can you spot the similes in the poem.


Now it is your turn to write a simile poem.  Here's what to do:

1.  Choose a character from The Quangle Wangle's Hat or make up your own fantastical character.

2.  Write down each part of the character in the grid that you will find on the document below.

3.  Think about what each part is like and write your ideas on the grid.

The grid looks like this.


Now turn you ideas into a simile poem like the Pobble one.  

Don't forget to :

1.  Read your poem out loud to check it sounds right.

2.  Check you've started each line with a capital letter and ended with a full stop.

3.  Check your spelling.

4.  Illustrate your poem.