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Can you remember the finger warm up that we did at the beginning of our handwriting lesson last week?  Start today's lesson with the same song, then we'll look at the long ladder letters.  Don't forget that all these letters start at the top and some of these letters are tall.  

Crocodile Snap Pencil Grasp Childrens Song

Crocodile Snap is a children's song designed to help children improve the fine motor skills the need to hold a pencil. It is part of the GriffinOT Supportin...

Find the Long Ladder Letter handwriting worksheet in your original home learning pack.  Watch the video as a quick re-cap before completing your sheet.  If you've already completed your sheet have a go at writing the long ladder letters in your home school book.

Handwriting letter formation: Long ladder letter family

Step-by step guide to the correct formation of the letters belonging to the Long ladder letter family: l, i, u, t and y.