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Start your lesson by warming up your fingers with these exercises.

Finger Warm Up Exercises for Handwriting and Fine Motor Dexterity I Occupational Therapy

There are several activities which help stretch and relax fingers to promote fine motor dexterity. Try this simple, one minute, hand, and finger warm-up exer...

Today we're going to look at the one arm robot letters.  You have a worksheet in your original home learning pack.  If you completed this a while ago, have a go at drawing these letters carefully in your home school book.  All these letters start at the top of the letter, make sure you start each letter in the correct place.  Remember that the letter p goes below the line (unless you are writing a capital).  The video will remind you how these letters are formed.

One armed robot letters

If you can't find your sheet or want to have another go at it, here's one for you to print out yourself.