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Homework Autumn 2020

Year 2 homework will be given out every Friday and posted here on our class page.  Homework must be returned to school on Wednesday.  Thank you.

Year 2 Homework 27th November 2020

Please return to school on Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Please remember you can e-mail me at if you have any questions or need to let me know anything.


Read at least 3x please.

Please write in your child’s diary when you read with them.  If I can see that your child is reading regularly at home with an adult, I will be able to give them house points each week. 

This week we have been learning about non-fiction text.  Practise using an index.  Can you find a book with a glossary?  We have talked about headings, sub-headings, contents pages, photographs and captions.


This week we are learning week 5 words.  Please write 5 sentences using the words from your list.  Remember capital letters, spaces and full stops.  We have been working hard to get the size of our letters correct.  Think about which letters are tall and which letters dangle below the line.  All the small letters, like e a  n  m  o   c   r   s   u   v   w  x   z  should all be the same size.


Learn the 5x table. Here is the link to the song from Supermovers.


I have put it on our class page – curriculum resources – maths.