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Lesson 2

Lesson 2

There are so many different robots today.  If I asked you to draw a robot, I expect most of you would draw something that looks a bit like the one from the Iron Man story, or like this drawing:



But robots today are becoming more and more human-like.  People are designing robots that look like humans.  Some people think that it's great, whereas some people think it's strange.  I wonder what you think...?


Watch this BBC clip below; Meet Erica; the Most Beautiful Robot in the World.

Erica is truly an incredible robot and can talk to people really well.  However, Erica did not need to be made to look like a human to do her 'job' of listening and answering to people.  


For today's question, I would be interested to hear what you think.  You can write your ideas as sentences, type them out or write on the PDF sheet.  Some of you may wish to just discuss this question together.


Should robots be made to look like humans?

Similarly to Lesson 1, there will be reasons why and why not.  You should think about both sides again before making your own decision.  Would you prefer the robots of the future to look like humans and blend into society, or would you prefer them to stand out as machines?


C3PO & Jia Jia --> (YES SHE IS A ROBOT!)