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Lesson 5

Lesson 5

To finish the week, I would like you to consider the importance of robots.  Begin by thinking about all the robotics you may have in your home?  Alexa smart speakers?  Siri on iPhones / iPads?  etc. You might have one of those robot hoovers!


There are probably some you can think of that you wouldn’t want to give up.  Maybe there are some that you could live without? 


Watch the BBC clip; Will Robots Enhance Our Lives or Threaten Them?

Now try and think of the uses of robots now and perhaps in the near future.  You can see in the clip about robots going to Mars to make preparations for human arrival.  What about self-driving cars?


Now watch these clips:       Carebot                     and                 Meet Tutorbot

(You may be able to watch the whole episode through BBC iPlayer with an adult).

When you feel ready, answer the following question:


Will Robots Make Our Lives Better or Worse?


You are going to grow up in an ever increasing digital and robotic world.  Based on everything you’ve seen and read this week, do you think robots will help you in future or make things more difficult?  What about all the energy and materials to build them?  Will they replace people in certain jobs? 


You could also think about a robot in the future that you would like to be invented.  What could it do and how would it be helpful?  Would you make it look human?