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Welcome to your literacy lesson.  Today we are going to start a new story and this time it's one many of you will already know.  It's the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  If you've got a copy of the story at home you could read it now or listen to this cbeebies version.  Over the week we will listen and watch some different versions so that we can compare them.

Today I'd like you to listen to the cbeebies version or read your own version  

Have a look at these front covers and at the front cover of your own Goldilocks book.  What can you see?  Which characters are on the front?  What are they doing?  Now design your own front cover.  Don't forget to start with the title.  Goldilocks needs a capital G and don't forget the ck ending in her name.  You can segment th-r-ee to spell it correctly.  Bears is a tricky word, the ear in bears is making an air sound (we'll learn more about this in phonics later).  Now decide which characters you will draw and which part of the story you will illustrate. 

If you are proud of the front cover that you have designed, ask your adult to email me a picture.  We can share your designs in our photo gallery.