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A reminder of our story...

Today we will write a description of Goldilocks.  What does she look like? How does she behave?  What do you think of her?  Aim to write about four sentences (some of you will be able to write more than this and some should aim for 2-3 sentences).  As a guide this piece of work should not take more than 30 minutes. 

Start each sentence with a different word and don't forget your capital letters.

Goldilocks   She   Her   I

Finish each sentence with a full stop, you might even manage to use an exclamation mark. 

Can you extend at least one of your sentences using a word like 'and' or 'because'?

Here are some adjectives that will help you to write about her, think of some more of your own if you can.

blue   blond   golden   long

pretty   beautiful   sneaky

rude  brave  naughty  inquisitive 

curious   cheeky  bad mannered

You may like to illustrate your work with a picture of Goldilocks (this is optional).  I'd love to see your written work so please send me a picture of your writing.  I will display your work on the photo gallery for all your friends to see.  Well done, you are doing a great job!