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Today we are learning to add the suffix -est.  You already know about adding suffixes to change words.  You are brilliant at adding s to make plurals.  You can also add -ing which is another suffix.  

Watch this short power point to practice adding est to adjectives.

Adding est power point

We add est to an adjective when we want to use the adjective to compare.  So we can say 'The porridge in that bowl was the coldest.' Or 'The red chair was the hardest'.  Use the pictures on the worksheet for ideas (there is no need to print it if you don't have a printer).  Add est to the words at the top of the page worksheet below.  Now use each of these words in a sentence to describe either the bowls of porridge or the chairs.  

Write your three sentences in your red literacy book.

Have a go at writing your own sentences using est words.