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To start your lesson today I'd like you to watch this version of Jack and the beanstalk.  It's one of the versions that we shared in school last week.


Jack and the Beanstalk by Richard walker & Niamh sharkey

One day when they had no food to leaft jack's mom send him to market to sell the cow.on the way jack bumps into afunny little man wearing a big, baggy jacket...

Today in our literacy lesson we are going to draw and describe the main character in our story, Jack. 

Here are some illustrations of him by other artists.  They may help you when you draw your own picture.


Aim to write 3-4 sentences about Jack.  Here are some adjectives to help you describe him.

poor    lazy    brave   

adventurous    patched

ragged    quick    nimble

Don't forget to describe the colour of his clothes, hair and eyes.  Colour words are adjectives too.

Send pictures of your work to so we can share them in the photo gallery.