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Today I'd like you to start your literacy session by drawing me a picture of the giant.  Make sure that he looks really scary and gruesome.  Now I'd like you to write some sentences to describe your giant.  Don't forget to start each sentence with a different word.  So you could start your first sentence 'The giant...' Your second sentence might start 'He', then you could use the word 'His' to start your next sentence.  To finish, try using the word 'I' to describe how you feel about this character.  

Here are some adjectives (describing words) to help you with your work.  Remember all colour words are adjectives too so use them to describe his clothes, hair, teeth or eyes.  

mean    rich   loud    scary    rude

ugly    strong    gruesome   

greedy   huge    enormous 

tall   fearsome   massive

Send me your work so that I can see your scary pictures and your super sentences.