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Today you have a choice of two activities both based on number.


Activity 1.  Using the numbers 2, 4, 6 and 8 and the symbols +, - and =, how many number sentences can you write?  Extension: Can you write a number sentences that includes all of the numbers and symbols?  Send me pictures of your work so that I can see your super maths.  

Activity 2

This is a board game.  You'll need a 1-6 dice and two counters.  The game will help you to recall the pairs of numbers that equal 10 as well as the pairs that equal 20.  If you need to practice your bonds to twenty there is a video below.  Can you sing the song in a silly sheep voice?

Number Bonds to 20 Song | Learn Number Bonds w/ Sneaky Minecraft Sheep

Learn number bonds to 20 with this fun song. Chant along as the sneaky Minecraft sheep says each number bond to twenty. Teaching children number bonds to twe...