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Today I'd like you to practice counting in tens again.  Watch this video to help you.

Count By Tens Song (to the tune of This Old Man)

Today we are going to find 100 things, use this sheet to help you count out 100 things.  If you don't have a printer it is quick to make your own version of this sheet.  You just need 10 circles with 10 written in each one.  You could use lego, beads, buttons, raisins, small shells or any other small items you can find at home. 

Questions to ask as your child is working;

How many things have you got so far?

How many groups of ten have you got so far?

When you have 100 things, how many groups of ten will you have? 

If your child can count easily to 100 in 10's then you can extend this challenge.  Once they have found 100 small items, ask them to remove some items to make other numbers.  Start with numbers such as 90 or 80 to begin with.  Make sure they find the most efficient way to do this by removing ten at a time.  Once they have shown you that they can do this try numbers such as 95, 92, 88, 81.  Encourage them to see that 88 is eight lots of ten and 8 ones.  If they can use the vocabulary tens and ones too that would be brilliant!