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Today we continue to learn about quarters.  This time we're learning about finding a quarter of a quantity (rather than a shape).

If you have a printer, work through the White Rose activity.  If you don't have a printer you can use objects from around the house and find a quarter with them.


Count out eight apples, arrange them in four equal groups to find out what a quarter of eight is.

Find four toys (or pieces of lego), arrange them in four equal groups.  What is a quarter of four?

Find 12 pencils or pens, arrange these into four equal groups.  What is a quarter of 12?


If you feel that finding quarters of quantities is a step too far for your child today then below you will find some alternative activities that will allow them to explore halves and consolidate this learning instead.

Below are two different halving lessons for those of you who may wish to continue to work on this.