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Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!
Mrs C Argylle - Reception Teacher (Part Time)
Mrs A. Bachmann - EAL Mentor
Mrs E. Bretherton - Year 6 Teacher / Joint Head
Mrs J. Burton - Cleaner
Mrs T. Croose - Reception Teaching Assistant
Ms A. Deans - Reception Teacher/SENCO
Ms M Gardiner - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs B. Hedley - Year 2 Teacher
Mrs E Hemuss - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs M. Hilldrup - Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Mrs T. Hunt - Year 2 Teacher (Part Time)
Mrs H Jones - Lunch Time Supervisor
Mrs A. Joyce -  Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Loxton - Year 6 & Nursery Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Meadows - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs T. Oliver - Cleaner
Ms L. Palfreman - Nursery Teacher
Mr D. Perkins - Year 3 Teacher
Mrs A. Phillips - Joint Head Teacher
Mrs R. Roberts-Powell - Year 1 Teacher
Mrs E. Turner - Year 6 Teacher (Part Time)
Mrs A Varga-Toth - Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr P. Ward-Willis - Year 5 Teacher
Mrs A. Welson - Year 4 Teacher
Mrs S. Welson - SEN Teaching Assistant
Mr D. Welson - Site Staff
Mrs J. Whitlock - Nursery Assistant