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Mrs Brookes Group

Revise these blends and graphemes;

ar    gr    tr    st    ee    qu

First read each blend or grapheme to your parent/carer, next have a go at writing each one as your parent/carer says them.


Can you read these words? Don't forget to sound them out carefully;

g-r-ee-t         m-ee-t       s-ee-k


sh-ar-k          s-t-ar-t     p-ar-k

Now have a go at writing these words in your books; greet, meet, seek, start, cart, shark, seek.

This Phase 3 phonics card will help you remember how to write ee, sh and ar.

Finish your phonics session today by reading these sentences to your parents/carers.


Dad and Tim were in the garden.


Dad said to Tim, "I can chop sticks and you can pop them into the big green sack".


Tricky words have been underlined.