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Mrs Brookes Group

Start today's session with tricky trucks.  Practice reading all the phase 3 tricky words first.  If can can manage these then move on to phase 3 tricky and high frequency words (HFW).  How did you get on? 
Have a go at playing Pick a Picture.  You may need help with some of the graphemes that come up but many of them you will be familiar with now.  There are three levels of this game.  Have a go at all three if you like.  See how you get on.  The first two levels will be easier for you but watch out for some two syllable words.  the third game will help you to practice ee, ar, ng and th.  

Now have a go at reading these sentences;

Sam is a black cat.

Sam and Bob like to play in the garden.

Bob and Emma like to play on the swing.

I like to sweep with my broom.