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Mrs Brookes Group

Revise these blends and graphemes.  First read them then write them as your adult reads them to you (try not to peep when you are writing them)

ow  ck  ar  bl

ay  st

Today is a revision day before we move on to a new block of learning so the next thing I need you to do is read these words to your adult.

come   at   with   they

from   stay   has   play

black   this   our   next

that   clock   are   farm

white   garden   three  swing

If you can read all of these, WELL DONE!


Know finish with a spelling test (no peeping!).  The spellings I'd like you to write are; with, from  stay, black, next, are, farm, three, swing. How did you get on?  If any of these were tricky make sure that you spend a few minutes practicing them everyday this week.