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Mrs Brookes Group

The next story that we will be looking at in our literacy lessons is Jack and Beanstalk so today I would like you to learn to spell Jack and then we will look at other words that end ck.  Remember that the ck ending follows a short vowel sound.  In J-a-ck the short vowel sound is a.  Don't forget that when you write Jack you'll need a capital letter.  First watch Mr Thorne for a revision session on ck words. 

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode CK

Watch UK school teacher Mr Thorne and Youtube sensation Geraldine the Giraffe take you on a learning journey through the world of phonics, grammar, spelling ...

This game will help you to practice reading words ending ck.

If you're good at reading words ending ck, have a go at spelling words ending ck and k.