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Mrs Brookes Group

WE'll start today's session with some sentence writing.  Here are the sentences I'd like you to write.  Try not to copy them.  Get your adult to read them to you a few times to help you remember them.  Say them out loud before you write them.  If you forget a word, just ask your adult to repeat the sentence.  


A shrimp slept in a shell.

A crab crept into a crack.
An octopus puts on lots of pink socks with brown spots.

Finish your session by practicing spelling the tricky words; my, all and her.  Write each word out at least three times.  In all, the al is making an or sound, like in walk, in my, y makes an igh sound like in sky and in her we have to remember that the er is spelt er (not ir or ur)

all     my     her