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Mrs Brookes Group

Start today's lesson by reading through the Phase 2 and 3 tricky words using the Tricky Word Trucks game below.

Today we will learn the grapheme ng.  Practise saying ng.  Now have a go at reading these ng words, don't forget to sound each one out;

king   ring   song   sting   bang

Write ng in your red books three times.  Don't forget to form the letter g correctly.Check you have formed g correctly, then have another go.  Remember were g sits on the line?  the tail of the g should be below the line in your book.

Now you are ready to write these words;



We will finish by writing two sentences.

The king has a ring.

A bee stung my hand.

Try to read these, remember them, then have a go at writing them.  Try not to copy them.  Your adult can remind you what to write next if you find it difficult to remember.