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Mrs Brookes Groups

Today we are going to practice spelling two syllable words with adjacent consonants.

Split each of these words into syllables and segment the word one syllable at a time.  So when segmenting desk/top, establish that there are two parts to this word, desk and top.  Segment desk first, d-e-s-k, then add top, t-o-p.  I usually model this repeatedly for the group until they all have the ability to do it for themselves.  Now try spelling these words; sandpit, windmill, lunchbox.  How did you get on?

You might like a go at playing Space Race now which is a spelling game from Phonics play.

Finish your session by reading through these sentences.

Can lightning hit a windmill?

The chimpanzee did a handstand.

This frog is chomping on pondweed.