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Mrs Brookes Phonics Group

Practice reading the phase 3 tricky words everyday.

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To

Please sponsor me and support my work by becoming a Patron!! 3 Tricky Words song as requested by many :) Tricky word...

You were all sent your own tricky word target spellings (via Tapestry) in December so spend a few minutes each day practicing these.  If you don't know what they are check Tapestry or e mail me.  

Using your phonics mat go through all the phonemes that you have learnt so far (up to ng).  This week we are going to learn ai, ee, igh and oa.  


Today we will learn ai, say the long ai sound and practice writing it in your home learning book.  Now have a go at reading these ai words.

rain    pain    hail    ai

Now play Roll and Read, you'll need a dice for this one.  Roll the dice then read one of the words in that row, cover the word with a coin when you can read it.  How many ai words can you read? 

If you want to practice reading ai words with a game try Dragons Den (link below), select phase 3, ai.


Today we're going to look at ee.  Say the long ee sound and write it in your home school book.  Practice reading these ee words.

feet    been   see   sheep   deep

Practice the ee sound more by completing this long ee workbook.


Practice reading these words;

hail   fail   nail   tail

weep   sleep   need   keep

Revise ee and ai by completing this sheet.  


Today we will look at igh.  Say the igh sound out load then practice it in your home school book.  Be careful to form your g correctly.  Use this short bbc Bitesize activity to learn igh today.

Play this igh sounds game to reinforce reading igh words.


Today we will start by revising ai, ee and igh words.  Start by reading these words.

light   leek  laid 

sight  see  sail

fail   fight   feet

Finish by completing your igh workbook.

Well done, you've learnt lots of new words this week and have worked really hard.  Enjoy your weekend.