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Mrs Brookes Phonics Group

Start each phonics lesson this week reading through the phase 3 tricky words below.

If you prefer you might like to read the words using the Tricky Word Trucks game from phonics play.

Spend a few minutes at the beginning of each lesson going through all the phonemes that you know so far.  Don't forget to practice the ones that you learnt last week; ai, ee and igh.


Today we're going to look at the phoneme oa.  Say oa and write the letters that make this sound in your home school book.  Watch the video to learn more about oa.

Phase 3 Phonics: the 'oa' sound.

Interactive phonics session all about the digraph 'oa'. In this session I play with a car on a road map looking for 'oa' words!

Practice reading these real and fake oa words using the sheets below.


How did you get on yesterday with oa?  Here are some oa and igh words to read.  Can you read them all?

boat    goat     soap

light   fight    sight

Now have a go at writing some oa and igh words.  Use this sheet to help you.  Be careful when you write g that you are forming this letter correctly. 


Today we will learn the short oo sound as in hook, look, book.  Remember that oo can also make a long sound, like in moon, baboon and soon.   Watch this video.  Then try reading the long and short oo words on the sheet below.  Once you've read the words, have a go at colouring the sheet. 

Phase 3 Phonics: the short 'oo' sound.

Join me, Peter Pan and Captain Hook as we learn the 'oo' (as in Hook) sound. We also work on sorting long 'oo' (as in moon) and short 'oo' sounds.


Today we will continue to look at the long and short oo sound.  Watch the video first then have a go at reading the long and short oo words on the word cards below.

Phase 3 Phonics: the long 'oo' sound.

We pretend to go to the zoo in this session. Come and help us spot the animals that have names with the sound 'oo' (as in zoo) in them.


We'll finish this week by learning the ar sound. Watch the video first then complete the ar sound booklet.

Phase 3 Phonics: the 'ar' sound.

One of my favourite phonics sounds to teach! I get to pretend to be a pirate and say 'ar'! Join me onboard ship to find out about the 'ar' sound and have a g...