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Mrs Brookes Phonics Group

How are you getting on with phase 3?  Start every session by going through the sounds that you already know.  Spend time practicing the ones we have learnt most recently; ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, oo and ar.

Each day this week I'd also like you to read through this list of words (it's in your pack)



Once you have gone through all the phase 3 sounds that you have learnt so far and read through your list of words then watch this video and practice reading the phase 3 tricky words.

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To

Next complete a page from your Phase 3 Tricky word activity booklet (in your pack).  There are 11 pages in this pack so we'll work on them over the next two weeks during phonics.  The aim is that you will be able to read all of these words.  If there are any words that you can now read confidently then you can begin to learn to spell them next.  


Don't forget to start each session by going through the phase 3 sounds using the phase 3 sound sheet that you have or the one above.  Next read through the phase 3 words from your list (in your pack).

Today we will move on and learn the next new sound; or.  Watch the video to learn all about or.

Phase 3 Phonics: the 'or' sound.

Interactive session to support the learning of the 'or' sound.

Once you've watched the or video, spend some time reading the or words on this picture.  If you have time you can colour it too. 


Start your session by revising the sounds that you already know then read through your tricky words.  You could watch the tricky word song video above if you wish.  Now spend sometime completing the or booklet.


Once you have read through your phase 3 words and read through the phase 3 sounds, I'd like you to learn a new sound ur.  Watch the video first.

Phase 3 Phonics: the 'ur' sound.

Pretend surfing alert! Join Stitch and me as we find words containing the digraph 'ur' such as 'surf'!

Once you've watched the video, read through this story.  Watch out for the ur words.  Can you spot them? 


Today I'd like you to go through the phase 3 sounds that you have learnt so far.  Then read through the sheet of phase 3 words that you have in your pack.  Can you read all the phase 3 tricky words now?  Watch the video first then spend sometime completing another sheet from your phase 3 tricky word booklet.   

The Tricky Words Song - Phase 3 Phonics (Part 1)!

These tricky words don't follow phase 3 phonics rules! Our new tricky words song for kids is here to help you learn all about common exception words with you...