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Mrs Brookes Phonics group

Start each session by going through the phase 3 sounds that you have learnt.  Can you remember all of them now or almost all of them?  

If you prefer you could go through the same sounds using Flashcards speed trials.

Check that you can spell all of these words.

Then check that you can read all these words.


Today we will learn to read two syllable words.  Have a go at reading these two syllable words.

chicken    tonight    boatman

farmyard    market    lightning

Don't forget to split these words up to make them easier for your child to read, for example to-night, chick-en, mar-ket, farm- yard.

There are more here to practice.

You can practice reading more phase 3 words by playing Reading Robot.  Select Phase 3.


Today we're going to write some sentences together to go with this picture.

Have a go at writing these sentences.  Can you write them without copying them?  Make sure that your phase 3 phonics sheet is in front of you when you do this work.

The crabs are on the sand.

I can see a pink shell.

Now write your own sentence about the starfish.  To spell starfish split it up, star-fish.  


Practice reading these sentences.

The farmyard is full of pigs and cows.

Lightning might hit a boat tonight.

Rats run on the rooftops in the dark.

Finish your session with a game.  Play Make A Match.  Select Phase 3, week 7.  



Don't forget to start each session by reading through the phase 3 tricky words and spelling the phase 2 tricky words.  If you are spelling these confidently now then start working on spelling the phase 3 tricky words (but only once you can read them).  Today we're going to focus on reading the phase 3 high frequency words.

Watch the video below and practice reading them.

Phase 3 Phonics High Frequency Words | Blending Flashcards

Phase 3 Phonics High Frequency Words | Blending FlashcardsPractise blending these Phase 3 high frequency words. I will blend the words with you, the first ti...



Have a go at matching the pictures and captions.  Read the captions first then match them to the pictures.  Get your phase 3 phonics sheet out to help you read any of the more tricky sounds. 

Finish your session by playing Rocket Rescue.  This game will help you to spell using the phase 3 sounds.  Make sure that you can see your phase 3 sound sheet when you play this game.