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Mrs Darch's Phonics Group

Monday 18th January - ay

Today we are learning -ay
day, stay, play, stray, hay, may, tray, today, spray, crayon,

Worksheets for Phase 5. Please find the page to match each lesson this week. e.g. -ay is on page 15. - ou is on page 1 , oy is on page 15 and ea is on page 4. Printed copies are available from school or your child can copy the drawings and write the word into their books.

Please get in touch if you need help logging on or using this web-site.

Tuesday 19th - ou

Today we are learning - ou
cloud, sound, found, about, out, proud,

Wednesday 20th January

Today we are learning - oy
boy,joy, toy, annoy, enjoy
Tricky word: people

Thursday 21st January

Today we are going to learn - ea
read, sea, heap, treat, least, each
Tricy word: Mr, like,

Friday 22nd January

Revision of this weeks words.