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Mrs Loxton and Mrs R-P's Phonics Groups

Today we are going to start by revising the graphemes aw and au.  Both these graphemes make an or sound and are quite difficult to remember.

Have a go at reading these aw and au words.

  lawn   dawn    saw

  Autumn   launch   daub

Next have a go at sorting some au words using the Buried Treasure game on Phonics Play.

Click on the link below and select either aw or au (both phase 5)

Now have a go at reading and sorting or, aw and au words.  If you have a printer, then print off the document below.  If you don't have a printer then just make lists of or, aw and au words in your red literacy books.  
If your child needs more work on these tricky graphemes below are two workbooks, one for aw and one for au.  They are each about 9 pages long, so I would just print 1-2 sheets from each booklet, or the grapheme that your child needs most work on.